About Us

The story of xyflow

How we got here

Christopher, Hayleigh, John, Moritz, and Peter standing in front of trees

Since 2014, Moritz and Christopher have been creating infographics, tools, and projects together through their interactive news agency, webkid. Along the way to creating Datablocks in 2019, they developed React Flow and decided to open-source it. More and more people started using it, to the point they decided to work on it full-time in 2021 to create a sustainable open-source project like the many they had used.

John, Hayleigh, and Peter joined the team to help out with the many things that revolve around an open source library. In 2023, we generalized the core of React Flow to support other frameworks beyond React. In order to keep all of our ducks in a row, we created xyflow to be the house where all of our projects could live. Now, here we are- happy maintainers of a couple of libraries we're proud of with wonderful communities behind them :)

If you need anything, have an idea, or just want to say hi, we're an email away at info@xyflow.com.

✌🏻 Christopher, Hayleigh, John, Moritz, and Peter

Meet the team

Who's driving this thing?


Christopher doesn't remember anything before 2015. He woke up on the shores of the Spree, where he wandered into the offices of the newspaper Zeit and they gave him a job as a front-end developer, mistaking him for the potential new hire. He quickly rose through the ranks there. Now he codes at xyflow, hoping one day he will remember how he got here, and what the meaning of all this is anyway.


Hayleigh is a time traveller who arrived in the year 2023 on accident trying to get to the year 2032 (her home-year). While she and her 2 cats wait another 7 years until the time machine is re-invented, she decided to take to coding in languages (archaic to her) such as React, Javascript, and Elm.


John works on all things un-code at xyflow, which is a lot of writing and talking about where xyflow is headed, how we get there, and open source in general. Before jumping into the world of open source, UX design and research were his bread and butter. Besides that, he likes looking at birds, playing music, and designing puzzles.


Moritz was raised in the depths of Teutoburger Wald by a pack of wolves, learning how to hunt, survive, and develop front-end applications. He abandoned his pack after a disagreement in 2019, where he fled to the streets of Berlin. He now maintains React Flow, and dreams of one day rejoining his pack.


Peter has been directing a mockumentary of the xyflow team a la The Office since he broke into our building during the summer of 2023. Luckily for our team, the footage will never be released since he never asked us to sign a talent waiver, and none of us have the heart to tell him. Once he's done editing the footage (he keeps saying 'one more week'), we're hoping he'll make some contributions to the Svelte Flow library and docs.


Burak created Vue Flow while aboard a pirate ship, hoping the motley crew could better organize themselves with a node-based cleaning schedule. Even after his ship was commandeered on the shores of Hamburg, he continues to seek those harsh bone-breaking conditions on land through Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, skateboarding, and open source software development.