23 March 2023

Team update – v11.6.0, Hayleigh is here, and talking about money

John Robb
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To kick it off, v11.5.0 was released! 🎉 It comes with Auto pan, snappy connections, error handling, the NodeResizer component, and more goodies that I won’t get into here, because there’s already a write-up about the release (opens in a new tab) by Moritz.

v.11.6.0 was released too! 🎊🎊 This one came with:

Fresh resources

Say hello to Hayleigh 👋🏻

She’s the newest member of the React Flow team! She's an enthusiast of Gleam, Elm, and her two cats Ada and Haskell. You’ve probably already seen her around the discord server, github, and everywhere else really. We’re super happy to have her with us!

Around the community

What's next?

We’ve been exploring how we can generalize the core of React Flow, so that it could be adapted more easily to other frameworks. If "Svelte Flow" sounds interesting to you, send us an email, we'd love to talk 👀

We got a paid subscription from an organization who we don't want to support because they violate basic human rights (opens in a new tab). We’ve already denied service and refunded them, and we're working on adjusting our terms of service using https://firstdonoharm.dev/ (opens in a new tab) as a template to prevent this from happening again.

News from Berlin

We were just at FOSS Backstage Berlin (opens in a new tab) last week. We learned about OSPOs, open roadmaps, restorative justice in open source communities, and more. We think we’ll be back again next year!

We’ve moved! Same address, same floor, just 10 meters further away from the kitchen, in a slightly more comfortable room, with the same banging noise for an hour each morning as the previous room. Feels like home.

a white brick wall with binders and a printer on the wooden floor in front of it.

That’s all for now! Thanks for being here ✌🏻

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